Quadriplegic Man Just Wants Enough Money For His Care:

    This tragedy has recently been brought to my attention by a fellow friend, and blogger, of mine: A quadriplegic teacher at a preparatory school in the greater Philadelphia area has not been receiving deserved compensation from the NCAA to care for himself. The teacher, Chic Kelly, was paralyzed in October of 1988 while playing hockey as a freshman at Merrimack College. His original insurance policy gacve him $30.000 a year for care, that money was great for Kelly, but now in 2011 with inflated prices and a rough economy $30.000 isn’t cutting it for him. Kelly has pleaded to the NCAA for the $100.000 the NCAA has been giving annually to their catastrophic-injury victims since 1995. The $30.000 that Kelly has been receiving covers a mere 1/3 of the price of his care. Throughout this struggle with the NCAA friends and relatives say that Kelly still remains humble, happy, and insists on living on.

    Help Chic Kelly!

    Why should this man suffer for an accident that happened over thirty years ago?! This man, who has touched the lives of many boys teaching theology at a school. This man who lives each and every single day to the fullest, even in his physical state. Chic Kelly is a very mentally strong man. The NCAA is a pathetic excuse for a non-profit organisation that can’t help a man that was injured in an accident that they PROVIDE HELP FOR. They can’t give Chic Kelly $100.000 a year, but they can spend over a one million dollars on a 30 second TV commercial. If this isn’t wrong then I don’t know what is.

    My friend’s article on the situation.

    (Source: Sports Illustrated)

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    Posted on Thursday, 11 August
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